𝐎𝐮𝐫 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐲:

Hi! I’m Alivia and I am the owner and mama of the little girl who inspired this business! I became a teen mom when I had Naleya but I wouldn’t change a thing! We are from a small town in Illinois and I have been here pretty much my whole life! Starting this business has truly changed my life and I couldn’t be happier that your here and have found an interest in SL! Leya thanks you too ;). Our little warrior is an inspiration to us and to so many others! I know your all here to meet boss babe herself so enough about me, let’s meet her!

Meet Naleya! AKA Leya and boss babe ;). Naleya was born with a heart defect (hence the logo with the heart around her name) and underwent open heart surgery at just 5 days old. For her first month of life she was in the hospital due to many complications in her road to recovery. What was suppose to be 7 days turned into 37. It doesn’t seem like a long time but not being able to hold your newborn and watching them fight for their life for 37 days is heartbreaking. She has inspired me to do big things and one of those things was starting my own business! This also allowed me to have an income while staying home with her since she is high risk and we were in the middle of a pandemic. I decided to start Simply Leya and it continued to grow and Leyas health was now great, or so we thought.

Fast forward to about a year later, we found out one of her vocal chords are completely paralyzed which can potentially affect her breathing, eating, drinking, etc.

As if she hadn’t already been through enough, a few months later Leya had went in for a strep test (only my the grace of God did she even go in for one) and we ended up finding out her heart rate was in the low 40s. She was immediately transferred to the hospital with her specialist which is two hours away. As we stayed there for a few days they were going to send us home on a monitor but her doctor could not shake the feeling to not send her home and I thank God everyday he listened to that feeling. He informed us we would not be going home and although it broke our heart, we later found out that, that one extra day likely saved her life. The very next morning she went into complete heart block and went into surgery to receive a pacemaker due to her poor heart function. A one year old with a pacemaker. You don’t hear that often or really ever! 

She has shown me that if she can overcome everything she went through and still goes through, anything is possible! Everything I do is dedicated to her and this business wouldn’t be here without my sweet little girl! 🤍